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Be prepared, buying an RV is a big purchase, make sure you’re prepared! Find it. Sell it. RV Classifieds

If you are financing, be sure to read the RV finance blog first. If you are paying cash and ready to go, you are at the right place. You always want to go to a dealership and just look.

If you can rent first, do that. RVing is not for everyone and renting is a great place to start if you are a first timer. This is to test out if this is the right lifestyle for you, the proper size of unit, and if you are willing to learn everything about this type of “glamping”. I will tell you it is a lot different from simply pitching a tent. Just like your regular home, it is a learning curve, plus there are many components that can stop working and you will either need to learn how to fix or operate them correctly (a lot of the times it is user error), or it has truly malfunctioned and you will need to fork up the money to fix it. These are many things you will need to take into consideration before getting yourself into a large purchase.

Upon purchasing an RV you have to consider that it is like a mini home. Just think of your home on wheels. You have all the major components, like a water heater and refrigerator, etc. When purchasing from a major dealership they should perform a PDI (pre-delivery inspection) expect that to be worked into the price or an additional charge. This is a good thing, as the dealership will go through the entire RV and make sure all major components are in working condition, if not (most dealerships) will replace them or fix those items. After all, you are purchasing an RV where those major components are what make it a complete working vehicle, so be sure to ask about those items, though, some sell completely AS IS, take that into (huge) consideration as well. If that is the case, make sure you take into consideration RV labor rates in your area and component cost. Most times it is best to pay for the pre-delivery inspection, so that there is some sort of guarantee on the coach you are purchasing.

Another thing to consider is if the dealership offers an RV starter kit. This way you are set with the basics on your first camping trip. An RV starter kit usually comes with: Water hose, Water regulator, Dump Hose, Bubble level, Toilet paper, and Toilet Chemicals. This way, you can take it out immediately and get started on your RV camping journey. If not, take that into consideration, as those are additional expenses you will have to make up front in purchasing an RV.

When purchasing a new RV you will receive a warranty, usually it is 6 months to 1 year that the manufacture covers, be sure to ask about that. Motorized units also come with a chassis warranty that is 3-6 months or 60,000 miles, you should cover that with the dealership as well as it varies from different manufacturers.

If you are purchasing a used RV, you should highly consider an extended warranty, which are usually offered from the dealership. You may also look into your own, which Good Sam has great deals on different plans. Once you have all those basis covered, and you are still ready to buy, take the leap! RVing is a learning curve, but it is fun and exciting.

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