What do RV classes mean?

There are multiple types of RV classes, what are they and what do they mean?

The Class A motorhome is a tour bus looking coach. This unit usually does not have a driver door and only one entrance on the passenger side. The Class A is a luxury unit that features additional amenities like washer and dryer combos. These units are more spacious and have slide-outs to accommodate more people in a larger lounging area. Class A’s come in both gas and diesel. The diesel units are far more luxurious, built with the highest standards, better overall quality and more features.

A Class B is a camper van. This is small and compact, but still has all the amenities needed for living out on the road or boondocking. Class B’s are small enough to fit it a drive way or regular parking spot and max out at about 21 feet. These vans usually have one large sliding door and the two back doors that swing open for the beautiful views right from bed. A van this size is perfect for 1 person, a couple traveling alone or with pets on board. For simple and easy travelling the van is a great pick.

The Class C is the more known and standard model of all RVs. This sits on a truck front and looks similar to a U-hual, except it is packed with way more fun! This type comes is various sizes and models, with an abundance of floor plans to choose from. Class C’s come with your standard amenities like all other motorhomes which makes is great for regular camping or off-grid trips. Depending on the size you get, there are many people you can pack into this Class. I’ve seen up to 10 people traveling in one! This type will blow your mind, especially if there is one large wall slide or multiple slides on each side. Definitely the way to start when exploring the different RV classes.

The Class C toy hauler has additional space in the back of the unit called the “Garage.” This is space to load up “toys.” Toys could be anything involving motorcycles, dirt bikes, quads, race cars etc. The Class C toy hauler is really handy for those who dirt bike frequently, go to raceways often. It is a simple way to have everything you need and want in one space. It is amazing what motorhome’s are equipped with nowadays.

Travel Trailers are great when you want to drop your house at the RV park and go explore town or the general area with your vehicle. It is nice not having to lug around a large unit, especially if you just need to stop at a convenience store quickly. Travel trailers are definitely a less expensive RV type and they still have all the amenities that you ever need. Except most do not come with a generator. With majority of travel trailers you will need to purchase your own generator, which you will need to store in the bed of your truck because you do not want the fumes filling up the inside of the trailer. There are more items you may need when it comes to a travel trailer, like a truck, hitch, ball, weight distributions hitch, a generator etc. It works for some and it doesn’t work for other. You just have to test out each Class for yourself.

A toy hauler has a large space in the rear for additional “toys.” With this you can carry loads of items. Similar to the Class C toy hauler, you can fit: dirt bikes, motorcycles, regular bikes, rally cars, golf carts or anything else you may need to carry a distance. The living space in the garage usually folds up flat against the walls in order to make space in the middle. Once you get to your destination you take out your toys and put down the couches and dinette area for lounging. There are toy haulers that are longer. With these you may not need to fold up furniture as you have additional length to store your toys. Some toy haulers come with generators and fuel tanks for filling up your “toys.” There are many versions, it all comes down to the price you want to pay for size and additional components.

A fifth wheel or 5th wheel is a huge version of a travel trailer. The main difference is the way these attach to your truck. This requires a goose neck hitch rather than your regular Class II or III hitch below your bumper. This hitch is actually installed into the bed of the truck and is not as common. Most of the 5th wheels I have seen are very luxurious. The main bed room is usually like a loft and the living space is downstairs. These units have a large space and many people live in them. There are various floor plans for there types, but once you step foot in one of these it is hard to down size to a smaller space. However, that depends on what type of camper or glamper you are.

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